Pottery Courses and Workshops

All courses and workshop take place in my modern purpose built garden studio. All my tuition is offered during the daytime on weekdays at a day and time to suit all participants. Courses and workshops are available throughout the year. Please contact me for more details.


The structure of my courses is 3 sessions of 2 hours each. This allows the students to make some pots (thrown or handbuilt) in session One, turn the ware, add handles etc and decorate in session Two, and then, after biscuit firing, glaze the ware in session Three.

The first two sessions are generally some days, or a week or two, apart to allow for the pots to dry to a leather hard stage for further work. The third session can be several weeks or months later. My charges are £160 per person. There will be a maximum of 2 students per session.


My 3-hour workshops are tailor made for up to 2 people. In the workshop the students will be wedging clay, throwing on the wheel, creating handbuilt slab vessels and pinching pots. They will also be introduced to surface decoration of the pots. The workshop costs £210  (for max. 2 people) for 3 hours and includes the glazing (by me) and firing of up to 3 pieces for each person.